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    A Payroll Management Software : Payroll software developed by Velocious Technologies targets specifically the Indian/Foreign firms because it has captured in it all the Payroll processes that a typical HR/Accounts dept. of a small/medium/large sized company follows. Now no need to buy all stationery of the Government forms. The software has incorporated all the forms which the Government of India has made compulsory for the Indian firms to adopt with respect to their employees.


    The person operating the Payroll software need not spend days in the hassles that come bundled with the Payroll process. He can bid farewell to the bulky registers and come out of the gloom that used to surround him during the payroll generation. With all the payroll processes categorized, the PUL Payroll software gives a very simple interface to the end user.

    The payslip is generated after the attendance is marked for that month. ESIC and PF challans are available at the convenience of a mouse click. The payroll software also manages the Company Holidays and the Bank holidays.

    The software can be configured by the user side to give restricted access to the front desk operator, and complete access to the main HR authorized person.There is a hitch for taking this product. The HR/Accounts department will complain of boredom, since now they will be having plenty of free time in hand. But who wouldn’t like to hear such a complaint ???

    Employee Profile
    Employee Joining Information, Employee Profile
    Employee Current position and job profile
    Employee Local address and References details

    Leave Management System
    User Defined Leave types, Leave Balance Details, Leave Application
    Leave Approvals, Leave rules

    Payroll Management System
    User defined Salary Heads, Salary formula,
    Salary Heads Details, Monthly Salary Register
    Salary Statement Depositing in Bank, Salary Cash Statement, Salary Cheque Statement
    Salary Slip, Bonus Details, Conveyance Details
    Over Time Details, Daily Attendance Report, Monthly Attendance
    Professional Tax Slab (State-wise), Create your own Salary Structures, Payslip Generation

    Software Customization
    This software is fully customizable according to your needs. Our main aim is to provide you with a solution that will be cost effective with no compromise in quality and service.

    Security: "Payroll Manager" Payroll Managemet Velocious are has a utility to create user and there passwords, you can allocated different rights and duties to different user, a user can work only on the specified areas of the software.





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