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    We offer a flexible and easily customizable content management system for easier content update on our client sites. Our CMS is highly flexible and offers easy update solutions for a wide variety of websites including ecommerce sites, shopping portals, business sites and others.

    Our CMS allows easy update of content, video and image upload, managing products, product categories, order details, user details, shipping details, administrator details etc. The prime feature of our content management system is that it offers status tracking of orders and shipping which helps clients update their customers about the order placements.

    Why Choose Velocious Content Management System?

    - SEO-friendly options for updating Meta Tags (including keywords, meta descriptions, Page Titles, etc)

    - Regularly update content for a dynamic site

    - Status tracking of orders

    - Highly flexible with options to expand website pages and add relevant sections

    - Add next level of sub sections like Product options etc

    - News, testimonials, gallery etc can also be managed through our customizable CMS.




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