Custom Software Development

Velocious wants to get you off that "road to nowhere" by developing custom application software to manage your data, information and technology needs. Consider us to be your architects, building a foundation for your company’s growth by incorporating old and new designs for optimum performance and ability..

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E-commerce Solutions

Our E-Commerce solutions are developed using Element 74’s Easypost system, which means you will receive the benefit of a complete turn-key website with the ability to manage all of your pages, content, products, images, pricing, sale items, shipping costs, and more.



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Web Application

We offer many Web Application Development Solutions like developing an on-line shopping application, building a content management system, creating database-enabled websites. Our Web Developers use advanced technologies and Web Application Development Tools to offer technically complex and yet user-friendly solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio


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Content Management System

We offer a flexible and easily customizable content management system for easier content update on our client sites. Our CMS is highly flexible and offers easy update solutions for a wide variety of websites including ecommerce sites, shopping portals, business sites and others.
    Our CMS allows easy update of content, video and image upload, managing products, product categories, order details, user details, shipping details, administrator details etc.

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Web Design

Velocious Web Design and Hosting provides local Velocious businesses with high quality, affordable, custom web site design, development,maintenance, and web site hosting services. Our Velocious City design firm is Velocious owned and operated, and have been designing and hosting professional web sites




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SEO Services

The World Wide Web is the most powerful sales channel in the world - accessible by hundreds of millions of people, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Without a strong web presence, thousands of potential customers are passing you by - and finding your competitor's website instead. Velocious SEO Experts will use our wealth of Internet marketing experience to take your website and make it the biggest needle in the haystack

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Other Services



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